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Swaelu took our festival materials to the next level. - Max Ames

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Get the benefit of 15 years of marketing and programming experience, coupled with the latest research methodologies, to guide you in creating unique and targeted programs for your organization.


Fresh designs that capture your organization’s spirit and your audience’s attention. From large to small projects, we'll tailor products to fit your needs.


Whether it’s a marketing campaign, festival or new programming for your venue, Swaelu leverages the latest technologies and proven management techniques to execute any idea you create.


Fiscal strength is the underpinning of good initiatives. Swaelu helps you in all stages of gaining support from identifying revenue generators and good partner fits, to making the asks and managing the relationships.


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Over 15 years of experience, creativity and passion all combine to make our team your stronget asset!

“You have to do something you’ve never done to have something you’ve never had.”
Elizabeth Franklin

Kathryn Dickel


“Kathryn’s greatest talent is that of connector. She has the unique and invaluable ability to create a comprehensive and distinctive vision around a complex set of needs, then bringing the resources to the table to execute on that vision. Whether it be a vendor, a lead sponsor, press contact or national touring band, Kathryn gets the job done with mastery few others have in the field of marketing and events.” -Sam Carrell, Executive Director Des Moines Water Works Park Foundation.

“Believe and act as if
it were impossible to fail.”
Charles F. Kettering

Heather Hansen


Heather has been a part of growing the creative communities and supporting entrepreneurs for 15 years. While still in her mid-20s she started Swaelu Media, a marketing and web development company in 2000, with Kathryn. Realizing that their hometown, Des Moines, Iowa needed a serious cultural renaissance and the world, in general, needed a ticketing company that put the community first, they applied their creative and technological resources to found MIDWESTIX. MIDWESTIX provides event marketing and services to clients across the upper Midwest, including some of Iowa biggest events like the Des Moines Arts Festival (2013), Clay County Fair in Spencer Iowa, River Roots Live in Davenport and 80/35 in Des Moines.

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